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Incorporated in the year 2020, D’Ocean Fisheries is an independent premium seafood supplier in the Kingdom of Bahrain

With more than 10 years experience in the international seafood business, we know the importance of supplying our customers with the right quality to the right price at the right time.

We have a strict focus on the quality of our products and the customer service we offer to our customers. We have a close relationship with some of Bahrain’s largest retailers, food and beverage outlets. Our objective is always to supply freshest products to the Bahraini and the international market.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to continue to cater to the special requests and unique needs of our clientele with unparalleled quality in both fresh and frozen seafood. We maintain our premium standards as the leading seafood supplier across the Bahrain. We are driven to provide our clients with the best range, including an unmatched freshness, rich flavor, and simply beautiful product line.

Our Vision

We aim to continue to provide our valued clientele a premium range of the most excellent seafood. Our goal is to expand upon our operations while continuing to deliver on our incredible service standard. Our services adhere to stringent standards and regulatory practices with a special focus on extending our international reach.



Performance is not only about the results we achieve but also on how we achieve them. We take individual responsibility for personal objectives and results. We continuously improve our performance and strive to deliver on our commitments.


Our commitment and dedication have made us the preferred seafood partner to most of our customers. We seek continuous improvements to all our critical work processes in order to fulfill our commitments. We strive to meet our customer and market demands, be professional, innovative and dedicated.


We supply high quality seafood from sustainable fisheries. It is important to secure sustainable fish stock to ensure supply remains uninterrupted. We work only with reputable industry suppliers that have years of experience in the fisheries industry


We are committed to high ethical standards in our business. We have a social responsibility and we have worked hard to develop the positive image of our company. We demonstrate this on a daily basis by respecting the culture, custom and rules of the countries we export our products to.


Based in Kingdom of Bahrain, we endeavor to provide products in bulk quantities to our trade partners also to other retailers.


Our products are fresh and packed in thermocol containers with great care. Our products are available in food safe packaging to keep its value intact until it is dispatched.

Quality Controls

We have an experienced team who works attentively to check the quality of seafood freshness before final dispatch to the customers. Our team follows strict quality measures to ensure that our product is of premium quality.